hello there! we are a group of professional
web developers, web designers and systems engineers,
based in Athens Greece + Valle d’Aosta Italy.

we love to make things clean, simple, usable +minimalistic.
too much information shown.. more complex to our lives.

we love to make nice cooperative projects.

our work:
conversation > design > construction > testing > working demo >
adding contents > +construction > +testing > finalizing > go live web

our tools:
highend laptops > we like to change places while working
open source cms
paper design
css3 magic
html5 coding
javascript magic
a lot of gaming with photos +graphics
photo cameras +lenses

our hosting space:
secure dedicated server in uk + gr datacenter
performance orientated
24/7 support

contact us if you are looking for a solution,
with lot of needs understanding and communication.

thanks for reading 8)